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Before starting M Squared Roofing and Renovations with Mike Thackston, I worked as a sub-contractor in the roofing industry for 2-1/2 years.  Prior to that I worked in the construction field for a number of years and I spent 15+ years as a small business owner in the textile industry. 

My goal as business partner of M Squared Roofing and Renovations is to grow a business that places the customers’ needs as our highest priority, giving the customer the best quality workmanship at a fair value. 

We have the mindset of treating each job as if it were our home. 

On my personal side, my wife Susan, of 29 years, and I have a son, Will, who has just graduated from high school.  Will has decided to serve his country and has joined the Marines and is scheduled to leave for boot camp February 2019.  Even though we will truly miss Will, Susan and I could not be more proud of our son for the decision he has made, and we humbly ask of anyone reading this, if they are a praying person, to please pray for Will. 

As a close knit family, we enjoy spending time with one another along our extended family and friends, as well as our two dogs, Bailey and KC.  I also enjoying hiking, fishing, and have a strong passion for music.

Mike Thackston


Before pursuing a career in construction I graduated from Clemson University with a Major in Business Management and a Minor in Economics. I worked in the Commercial Land Business & Real Estate for several years before going back to school and earning  a Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance, from Tulane University.

Not long after this, I decided to return to what I knew best and enjoyed the most.  My father passed away a few years ago, but he supported us when I was younger with his construction business. He gave me many tools and M Squared is a great opportunity to use them. 

My wife, Kristin, of nine years, and I enjoy going to the beach, spending time with our friends and family, and also playing with our golden retriever, Mack. When I’m not with them or working, I enjoy playing golf, duck hunting, or being outside.